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It is our duties to keep your vessels moving by providing you our main services:

  • Lifting Gear Inspection: Visual Inspection, DPI & MPI Test.

  • Load Test for Crane, Gangway, Air Tugger & etc.

  • Inspection for Crane, Slewing Bolts Removal & Retorque.

  • Calibration for Flowmeters, Winch LTMS, Crane SLI, 15PPM Bilge Alarm & etc.

  • Pressure Test for Bunker Hose, Relief Valves, PV Valves & etc.

  • Wire Rope Spooling & Wire Rope Change.

  • Wire Rope Destructive Test.

  • Magnetic Rope Testing or EMAG.

  • Wire Rope Resocketing.

  • Service & parts for Winches, Cranes & Air Tugger.


In addtion, we are also accredited by LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) and ISO 9001:2015.


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